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From 2006 to 2017, we successfully distributed Quad and ATVs of the Cectek brand in Austria.
Much of our success was that we were able to type all quads and ATVs from Cectek to the EU vehicle class T5 which had many benefits for buyers such as open performance, open speed, tax preferred etc ..... - see info or article in the ATV & Quad magazine.

However, as of 1 January 2018, the EU vehicle category regulation has changed and these benefits are no longer usable.

Since this company was only one of 4 companies of mine, I shoot this company area by the end of 2018 except the sale of spare parts and accessories until the warehouse is vacated.

And so the domains that are BEST imported in Austria and neighboring countries are for sale.

To the domains belongs .....

www.quadhandel.at - www.quad-handel.at
www.quadhändler.at - www.quad-händler.at
(in german language is quad trade - quadhandel)

as well as for the whole of Europe

www.quadhandel.eu - www.quad-handel.eu 
(in german language is quad trade - quadhandel)

With this EU T5 typing we have also sold vehicles in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Slovenia as well as Croatia for over 8 years, therefore we are also known in these countries under www.quadhandel.eu as well as www.quad-handel.eu.

If you are interested in these, since 12 years on the market, have domains and this
for your marketing strategy (in terms of Europe or Austria want to use contact
me on +43 664 3383015 or directly via our form here for >> continue to the form <<